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SEMPA Liaisons

As the leading organization representing emergency medicine physician assistants, SEMPA works closely and collaboratively with emergency physicians in and out of the emergency department. SEMPA Liaisons work with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in two ways: 

SEMPA Liaisons to ACEP State Chapters 

SEMPA collaborates with ACEP Chapters through its Liaisons to ACEP State Chapters program. One EMPA is assigned to each ACEP State Chapter as the SEMPA State Liaison with the primary purpose of enhancing communication and advocacy opportunities. State Liaisons attend ACEP Chapter meetings and help to emphasize SEMPA’s role in advancing the EMPA through education, advocacy and collaboration with physician partners.      

Other important objectives of the program is to: 

  • Promote the role of EMPAs in the ED
  • Represent SEMPA and its positions, policies and interests when appropriate
  • Serve as an expert on state PA practice laws to assist the Chapter on PA-related regulatory issues
  • Communicate to the SEMPA Board of Directors and PAs within their state on any specific issues brought by the state Chapter that impact PA practice 
  • Attend ACEP Chapter meetings, whether in person or by teleconference, as requested by the state chapter 
  • Serve on ACEP Chapter committees or assist with initiatives as requested by the state chapter president or executive director    

The ACEP State Chapter Liaison is a two-year term.      

Requirements for this role include five (5) year's experience as an EMPA, actively practicing emergency medicine, SEMPA Fellow in good standing, and a Fellow member of the PA State Chapter in the state you are representing. This is a volunteer position that reports back to the SEMPA Board of Directors.     

Click this link for the ACEP State Chapter Liaison application form.

Submit your completed application to sempa@sempa.org.

SEMPA Liaisons on ACEP Committees 

Academic Affairs Committee
Lynn Scherer, PA-C
Clinical Data Registry Committee – Measure Development Subcommittee
Jeff Callard, PA-C
Disaster Preparedness & Response Committee
Phil Nix, PA-C
Education Committee
Fred Wu, PA-C
Emergency Medicine Practice Committee
Cary Stratford, PA-C
EMS Committee
Kevin Burns, PA-C
Federal Government Affairs Committee
Tom Chambers, PA-C
Medical-Legal Committee
Jeff Callard, PA-C
Public Health & Injury Prevention Committee
Natalie Schmitz, PA-C
State Legislative/Regulatory Committee
Krisi Gindlesperger, PA-C

ACEP invites SEMPA to serve on these committees and the liaisons are appointed by the SEMPA President.